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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

NickCave_poster_JoeCastro_460I was extremely honored to design a poster for one of my favorite bands of late, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, for their performance last night at the Keswick Theatre. It’s a 3 color silkscreen on 100lb Black French Construction paper and only 50 were produced. These were specially commissioned by the promoter, AEG Live, and were given to the band as a gift and were not for sale at the venue. However, I do have a small handful of these available through my Etsy shop so, if you dig it, pick one up soon because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Click Here to purchase the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds poster

The illustration is an ominous drawing of an Australian magpie, a songbird native to the continent.  They are extremely intelligent and often referred to as “the cunning prophet” in certain witch craft circles, and generally thought of to be a bad omen – an image I thought that fit well with the band’s music.  The tops of the clouds were shaped to mimic knuckles on a fist, to help tie in the title of the band’s latest album, Push the Sky Away.  And the ties on the barb wire represent the sign language symbol for “I Love You” (known less formally as the “heavy metal sign”), which represents the band’s loyal following.