Rocking with the Rough Drafts

As most people know, I love music so whenever the opportunity to work with a band or concert promoter pops up, I jump right on it.  So I was more than excited when Ann Grove from Logical Writing Solutions Inc approached me about doing a concert tee for this year’s Society for Technical Communication conference in Chicago, featuring a special performance by a band called The Rough Drafts.  The Rough Drafts consists of a loose group of technical writers (with musical backgrounds) who get together and perform once a year at the annual STC event.  Now, as anyone who has ever been in a band will tell you, having your own t-shirt with tour dates listed on the back, is all part of the dream of hitting the big time, along with record deals, limousines, screams of adoration from fans and a jar filled with only red M&Ms backstage.  It’s both a milestone and a cool memento to stash away in your box of memories. Although, sadly, I missed the performance, I heard nothing but good things and, judging by the live shots I’ve seen, a good time was had by all.  To quote the late, great Carl Perkins, “Rave on children, I’m with ya”


Live photo by Rick Lippincot

2 Responses to “Rocking with the Rough Drafts”

  1. Joe – Your shirt design was one of many wonderful things about the evening. We all looked so awesome in your artwork.

    Here we are, dancing in our shirts

  2. Ann Grove says:

    Thanks for the great job you did on these t-shirts, Joe! People are STILL talking about them. 🙂

    Your Happy Client,

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