Atlas/My Friends split EP

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s much more satisfying working on a 12 inch record, rather than a rinky-dinky CD jacket – I love the larger format as well as the look, sound and ritual of vinyl, so I’m always excited whenever I get the opportunity work with a band putting out a record. It was also refreshing to have that band tell me that they did not want their names on the front sleeve – only one of my collages, of which I had total creative freedom with when creating it.  Again – rare but very liberating.  This gem of a record is a split 12″ EP featuring two great up and coming indie rock bands from Delaware – Atlas and My Friends.  Both are worth checking out for your listening enjoyment.  Only 300 copies of this limited edition EP were pressed and all are hand numbered, so get one from your local independent record store or from the bands before they are gone.

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