Unchained Travel


I love to travel and although I’ve slowed down over the past few years, I was very excited to work with esteemed travel writer Beth D’Addono’s on a new web header for her wordpress travel blog, Unchained Travel. The site focuses on locally owned places of interest – whether it’s a funky little restaurant on the edge of town or a one-of-a-kind hotel overflowing with timeless charm.

As Beth states: “Unchained Travel celebrates the joy of discovering real people and places out on the road.  When I find an amazing restaurant, whether it’s Acherberg Olm in Oetz, on the side of a mountain in the Tirolian Alps, or Louie and the Red Head Lady, a funky roadside diner in Mandeville, Lousiana, I’ll tell you about it.  I’ve loosely categorized UT into Eat, Drink, Play and Sleep, but often hidden gems will fit into more than one category.”

The concept for the chosen design (above) comes from an old trunk covered in vintage travel stickers, recalling a time when the uniqueness of the travel experience was something that people wore proudly like a badge of honor.  And the various locals featured on the selected stickers speak to the global focus of her writing.

And, just to give you a little insight into the creative process, below is a first attempt at the banner. This design was influenced by the classic American road signs of the past, and an homage to the Route 66 frame of mind.  In the end, it was decided that the look was not global enough in focus (which is true) so we decided to go a different route.  I still like the way it turned out, and since I’ve never made a realistic looking sign from scratch before, I included it here for your enjoyment.

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