Steely Dan

I’ll be honest, I never really got into Steely Dan – I had heard stuff over the years of course, but they never really moved me and it just wasn’t my thing, no big deal – so when I was asked to create a poster for their sold-out performance at the Tower Theater this weekend, I was a bit at a loss on how to approach it. Doing some research though, I found out they took their name from a line in William Burroughs‘ infamous novel, Naked Lunch.  Being a fan of Burroughs, I decide to take the whole thing full circle and do an illustration of the famous author.  I hope the band dig it.

These were printed by ABNRML and were presented to the band as a gift from Live Nation.  It’s a two color screen print on 130lb Black French Construction paper, size 12.5? x 19?.

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